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The pandemic has accelerated digital growth by as much as a decade. From finance to retail, businesses are challenged by new  ways. Of course, with this growing digital world comes a need for brilliant solutions to navigate it and a growing need for strategic thinkers to help organizations embrace digital to survive in a rapidly changing world. That means they need YOU — the visionaries, idea people, marketers and creative thinkers.


41 million new jobs are predicted in the tech sector by 2025

do you feel...

  • Under appreciated … for your experience and  thinking?

  • Underestimated … of what you are truly capable of?

  • Stuck … against a glass ceiling while others advance?

  • Frustrated … that you have been unable to move ahead?

  • Confused … by trying to piece together the many parts of digital strategy?

  • Intimidated … to claim the job you deserve?


  • Don’t consider yourself a strategy expert right now ... but know you could be

  • Are already a strategic thinker ... but struggle with the digital aspect

  • Have years of experience ... but don’t have a clear understanding of where to start a strategy or the steps you need to take

  • Already work in or around digital strategy ... but are not 100 percent confident that you could deliver from concept to implementation every time

and You just neeD ...

  • A starting point and plan to move forward

  • A framework for success

  • The process and skills for repeatable results

  • The mindset to own your smarts and claim the career you desire

  • The confidence to own your smarts in a male-dominated industry

  • An approach for building your support community

  • Help navigating the workspace in this new role 

ready to master digital?

I have a solution for you, a way to create order out of chaos and get repeatable results while feeling confident in your ability to create stellar solutions. With the Digital Strategy Masterclass for Women, you'll learn everything you need to know to approach your work through a strategic and digital lens — and how to attain the right mindset and support to forge ahead confidently.


Learn  the strategic skills you need to confidently and successfully lead your organization or clients in a digital world.


Get in the right mindset to confidently own your smarts and your value in a male-dominated field.


Claim the job, promotion or raise you deserve by setting your intention,  identifying female-positive work environments and attaining mentorship.



We'll work together over 4+ months—but you'll have access to the course through 2023.


VIDEO modules

You'll have access to more than 30 videos to watch on your schedule.



These worksheets are yours to download, use and keep forever.



We'll meet six times through January 2023 to connect, review learnings, and answer questions.

How it works


  • Assess the current and future state of an organization

  • Analyze a market space, audit the competition and identify key opportunities

  • Plan, organize, conduct and analyze audience research

  • Connect the dots across business, market and customer needs

  • Develop meaningful insights

  • Create personas and journeys

  • Create content and channel strategies

  • Write briefs that inspire great  work

  • Develop innovative, game-changing recommendations that optimize organizations for the digital space

  • Steward a strategy from concept to launch

  • Advocate for the strategic process

  • Get paid to envision and plan and put your strategic thinking to good use!

  • Own your smarts and move ahead with confidence

  • Create a support community

  • Develop a plan to attain the job you seek


"If you're looking to elevate your career and connect with like minded individuals, this class is your secret weapon."
-Melinda, Strategic Marketing Leader

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  • You're a traditional marketer seeking an understanding of digital to advance your career

  • You're a tech worker seeking a more strategic career path and a brighter future

  • You're a business owner seeking to future proof your business for a quickly changing world


I'm Laura Porto Stockwell, the founder of Digital Strategy Masterclass. Throughout my 25-year career in digital, I've hired, managed and mentored dozens of professionals. I’ve taught this exact step-by-step method to those I’ve mentored, and I’ve applied it on projects with global brands, from Ford, Microsoft and Nike to Target, Toyota and Sony Music. I've been teaching mid-career female professional just like you for the past five years. During that time I've realized it's not just skills that are needed, but a mindset and approach for succeeding in fulfilling career. I want to help visionaries like you step into your expertise, advance in your career and bring strategic thinking to the world.

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"If you aren't ready and willing to learn every day, and keep up with the rapidly changing world, you can't and won't stay competitive."
-The Expertise Economy


Master digital
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